SEO Tip: Clickable Keywords

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.htaccess Flag List

  • C (chained with next rule)
  • CO=cookie (set specified cookie)
  • E=var:value (set environment variable var to value)
  • F (forbidden – sends a 403 header to the user)
  • G (gone – no longer exists)
  • H=handler (set handler)
  • L (last – stop processing rules)
  • N (next – continue processing rules)
  • NC (case insensitive)
  • NE (do not escape special URL characters in output)
  • NS (ignore this rule if the request is a subrequest)
  • P (proxy – i.e., apache should grab the remote content specified in the substitution section and return it)
  • PT (pass through – use when processing URLs with additional handlers, e.g., mod_alias)
  • R (temporary redirect to new URL)
  • R=301 (permanent redirect to new URL)
  • QSA (append query string from request to substituted URL)
  • S=x (skip next x rules)
  • T=mime-type (force specified mime type)

How to set DKIM using VestaCP

DKIM is important like SPF in mail servers.

Go go VestaCP Mail section,

Enable DKIM for your domain.

Go to console: vlistmaildomaindkim <username> <domain>

Copy public key.

Go to your DNS server.

Add TXT.

Name: mail._domainkey

Value: v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=<PUBLIC KEY>