VLC Shortcuts

Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow Left Jump 3 seconds forward/ backward
Alt+Arrow Right/Arrow Left Jump 10 seconds forward/ backward
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Arrow Left Jump 1 minute forward/ backward
G/H Decrease/ increase subtitle delay
J/K Decrease/ increase audio delay

VLSub 0.9 Not Working Fix

  • Go to the VLC installation directory.
  • Look for the file named lua/extensions/VLSub.luac.
  • Open that file in a binary or hexadecimal editor. (Notepad++.)
  • Look for the character sequence “HTTP/1.1” (without quotes).
  • Replace the last one by a zero: “HTTP/1.0”.
  • Repeat the procedure; there should be a second occurence in the file.
  • Save the file.
  • (Re)start VLC.