How to open DBF files?

LibreOffice can open (view and edit) DBF files using FPT and CDX files.

LibreOffice is free.

FileMaker Pro and Visual FoxPro are paid products.


Apply an adjustment to only one layer in Photoshop

In Layers;

  1. Right click on the color adjustment layer (top of the desired layer).
  2. Click “Create Clipping Mask”.

If you don’t do it, the color adjustment is applied to all layers below.

VLSub 0.9 Not Working Fix

  • Go to the VLC installation directory.
  • Look for the file named lua/extensions/VLSub.luac.
  • Open that file in a binary or hexadecimal editor. (Notepad++.)
  • Look for the character sequence “HTTP/1.1” (without quotes).
  • Replace the last one by a zero: “HTTP/1.0”.
  • Repeat the procedure; there should be a second occurence in the file.
  • Save the file.
  • (Re)start VLC.