Delphi vs Alternatives

Broad comparison of programming environments (IDE’s) with internal GUI support:

  • Delphi / C++ Builder Community Edition (WINNER)
    • Free (for yearly income under $5000)
    • Small executable file
    • Very fast execution
    • Very fast compiling
    • No external software requirement
    • Good Cross-Platform support
  • Visual Studio
    • Free
    • Small executable file
    • Very fast execution
    • Fast compiling
    • External software requirement (.Net Framework)
    • Very Bad Cross-Platform support (Xamarin sucks)
  • Qt
    • Only free for open source projects
    • Very large executable file
    • Fast execution
    • Slow compiling
    • No external software requirement
    • Very good Cross-Platform support
  • Java
    • Free (with limitations)
    • Small executable file
    • Slow execution
    • Slow compiling
    • External software requirement (Java Virtual Machine)
    • Good Cross-Platform support

dbGo vs dbExpress vs FireDAC

In Community edition: Out of the box FireDAC only talks to local databases, but you could use ADO (dbGo) or a third party library.

dbGo (ADO)
The dbGo components provide data access through the ADO framework. ADO, (Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects) is a set of COM objects that access data through an OLE DB provider. The dbGo components encapsulate these ADO objects in the Delphi database architecture. Windows is the only supported target platform for VCL and FMX applications (32 and 64 bits). Obviously, this technology isn’t available for OS X, iOS and Android operating systems.

  • TADOConnection

dbExpress is Embarcadero’s data driver architecture that replaced the BDE. First released with Borland Delphi 6 and C++Builder 6, it has gone through several iterations itself. It provides unidirectional database access, that means you can traverse data obtained from a database table only in the forward direction. You cannot go back, unless you add other layers. This makes dbExpress a very fast access technology, compared to many others. It can be used in VCL and FMX Windows applications (32 and 64 bits), but also for Mac OS X applications (more information about deploying dbExpress database applications: Deploying dbExpress Database_Applications), and provides local database connectivity for iOS and Android mobile applications (Using InterBase ToGo with dbExpress (iOS and Android)) But dbExpress is being deprecated. This means that it will be removed from RAD Studio in an upcoming release. To migrate your dbExpress application to FireDAC, you can find useful information in this link: Migrating dbExpress Applications to FireDAC.

FireDAC is a Universal Data Access library for developing applications for multiple devices, connected to enterprise databases. And its the recommended database access framework in Delphi, C+ + Builder and RAD Studio on the latests releases. It provides high-performance, easy-to-use enterprise database connectivity. Universal data access with database specific features to get the most from every specific database engine. Deploying the final application is way easier as it does not requires any drivers to be installed. It can be used in VCL and FMX Windows applications (32 and 64 bits), for Mac OS X applications, and for local database access in iOS and Android.

Third Party:


  • In a multi-threaded application, you need a connection per thread.