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Delphi: InputBox vs InputQuery

InputQuery is best. Because InputBox returns empty string if dialog is cancelled by user.

newpassword := inputbox('Password', 'Please type NEW password:', '');
if not InputQuery('Password', 'Please type NEW password:',  
newpassword) then
ShowMessage('User cancelled the dialog');

Firemonkey Mobile Notifications don’t work on Delphi 10.3

Similarly, if on Android you are targeting API 26 or greater (which is a requirement for Google Play apps), you may have noticed that both local and remote notifications do not show at all. This is due to the API 26 requirement of the use of notification channels. The FCM support in this solution makes use of these, so your notifications will show. This solution also makes use of TPermissionsRequester introduced in an article regarding targeting API 26 or greater, to demonstrate requesting “dangerous” permissions. The permissions being requested here are not actually required for this demo, so as per the comments in the code, you may remove the references to TPermissionsRequester if you do not require it.

Source: https://www.delphiworlds.com/2018/08/firebase-cloud-messaging-revisited/