Mikrotik Logging Topics

criticalLog entries marked as critical, these log entries are printed to console each time you log in.
debugDebug log entries
errorError messages
infoInformative log entry
packetLog entry that shows contents from received/sent packet
rawLog entry that shows raw contents of received/sent packet
warningWarning message.
accountLog messages generated by accounting facility.
asyncLog messages generated by asynchronous devices
backupLog messages generated by backup creation facility.
bfdLog messages generated by Manual:Routing/BFD protocol
bgpLog messages generated by Manual:Routing/BGP protocol
calcRouting calculation log messages.
capsCAPsMAN wireless device management
certificateSecurity certificate
dnsName server lookup related information
ddnsLog messages generated by Manual:Tools/Dynamic DNS tool
dudeMessages related to the Dude server package Manual:The_Dude tool
dhcpDHCP client, server and relay log messages
e-mailMessages generated by Manual:Tools/email tool.
eventLog message generated at routing event. For example, new route have been installed in routing table.
firewallFirewall log messages generated when action=log is set in firewall rule
gsmLog messages generated by GSM devices
hotspotHotspot related log entries
igmp-proxyIGMP Proxy related log entries
ipsecIPSec log entries
kvmMessages related to the KVM virtual machine functionality
l2tpLog entries generated by Manual:Interface/L2TP client and server
lteMessasges related to the LTE/4G modem configuration
ldpManual:MPLS/LDP protocol related messages
managerManual:User_Manager log messages.
mmeMME routing protocol messages
mplsMPLS messages
ntpsNTP client generated log entries
ospfManual:Routing/OSPF routing protocol messages
ovpnOpenVPN tunnel messages
pimMulticast PIM-SM related messages
pppppp facility messages
pppoePPPoE server/client related messages
pptpPPTP server/client related messages
radiusLog entries generated by RADIUS Client
radvdIPv6 radv deamon log messages.
readSMS tool messages
ripRIP routing protocol messages
routeRouting facility log entries
rsvpResource Reservation Protocol generated messages.
scriptLog entries generated from scripts
sertcpLog messages related to facility responsible for “/ports remote-access”
stateDHCP Client and routing state messages.
storeLog entries generated by Store facility
smbMessages related to the SMB file sharing system
snmpMessages related to Simple network management protocol (SNMP) configuration
systemGeneric system messages
telephonyObsolete! Previously used by the IP telephony package
tftpTFTP server generated messages
timerLog messages that are related to timers used in RouterOS. For example bgp keepalive logs
upsMessages generated by UPS monitoring tool
vrrpMessages generated VRRP
watchdogWatchdog generated log entries
web-proxyLog messages generated by web proxy
wirelessM:Interface/Wireless log entries.
writeSMS tool messages.

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