MSE: Mean Squared Error (Required for PSNR calculation)

PSNR: Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Big value is desired)

MAE: Mean Absolute Error (Small value is desired)


Network Log using Overlook Fing

Log discovered devices:

fing -r 1 -o log,csv,c:\Log\Log.csv

Log discovered devices using session:

fing -r 1 --session c:\Log\session.txt -o log,csv,c:\Log\Log.csv

Install the script as Windows service: (Admin rights)

fing -n --session c:\Log\session.txt -o log,csv,c:\Log\Log.csv --installservice MyFingService

Uninstall the service: (Admin rights)

fing --uninstallservice MyFingService
=== overlook fing 3.0 - ===

Command line options:
  -h [ --help ]            show this help message
  -v [ --version ]         show fing version
  -i [ --info ]            show network informations
  -n [ --netdiscover ] arg run network discovery
  -s [ --servicescan ] arg run service scan on host/network
  -o [ --output ] arg      use output setup for discovery/scan/ping
  -P [ --profile ] arg     use specific discovery/scan/ping profile
  -d [ --rdns ] arg        enable/disable reverse DNS lookups
  -r [ --rounds ] arg      number of rounds (network discovery)
  --session arg            use specific discovery session file
  --silent                 force to silent mode
  --interactive            start the interactive mode
  -p [ --ping ] arg        run icmp ping on the hosts
  --sentinel               run Fingbox Sentinel
  -w [ --wol ] arg         send wake on lan on targets