Set up FileZilla Server behind Windows Firewall

If you are having problems with setting up FileZilla Server to run behind Windows Firewall (specifically, it fails on “List” and the client receives a “Failed to receive directory listing” error), you must add the FileZilla Server application to Windows Firewall’s Exceptions list. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Windows Firewall under Control Panel.
  • If using Vista, click “Change Settings”
  • Select the “Exceptions” tab.
  • Click “Add program…”
  • Do NOT select “FileZilla Server Interface” from the list, instead click on “Browse…”
  • Locate the directory you installed FileZilla Server to (normally “C:Program FilesFileZilla Server”)
  • Double click or select “FileZilla server.exe” and press open (Once again, NOT “FileZilla Server Interface.exe”)
  • Select “FileZilla server.exe” from the list and click “Ok”
  • Verify that “FileZilla server.exe” is added to the exceptions list and that it has a check mark in the box next to it
  • Press “Ok” to close the window

Passive mode should now work. If you are still having problems connecting (from another computer or outside the network), check your router settings or try to add the port number in the Windows Firewall settings located in the Exceptions tab.


Solution for iPhone 3GS iOS 5 Reboot Problem

Solution for fixing the iPhone 3GS keeps rebooting or keeps restarting after 2 minutes:

  • Take the SIM out.
  • Enable 3G and Cellular Data.
  • Insert the SIM back.
  • After a few minutes, you can disable 3G and Cellular Data.

Create Extra Hotkeys

When you need a hotkey for a specific Windows operation such as muting the system volume, ejecting CD-ROM drive and turning off the monitor, you feel stuck. By using a small utility named NirCmd, these operations and more become possible.

  • Download NirCmd
  • Extract to a directory. For example: c:AppsNirCmd
  • Create a shortcut to your desktop like
    "C:AppsNirCmdnircmd.exe" mutesysvolume 2

    to mute and unmute the system sound

  • Assign a hotkey for the shortcut