How To Build Mac OS X App File Using Delphi XE2

On Windows:

  • Create Firemonkey HD Application or Firemonkey 3D Application. (not VCL Forms Application)
  • Add OS X to Target Platforms on Preject manager.
  • Right click on OS X and use Assign Profile for your remote Mac computer. Enter IP and a password.

On remote Mac OS X:

  • Install PAServer. (File can be found on c:Program FilesEmbarcaderoRAD Studio9.0PAServer)
  • Copy libcgunwind.1.0.dylib file to PAServer directory. (File can be found on c:Program FilesEmbarcaderoRAD Studio9.0Redistosx32)
  • Open PAServer using terminal typing ./paserver
  • Enter the password.

On Windows:

  • Run your Delphi Project.
  • Congratulations! The project runs on Mac and an app file has already been created!