How To Change iOS App Display Name

  • Open your project plist file.
  • Find key¬†BundleDisplayName.
  • Edit string as you wish. 

How To Build iOS App Using Delphi XE2

On Windows:

  • Click Tools->Configure Tools… on Delphi
  • Click Add..
  • Title: Export to Xcode
    Program: dpr2xcode.exe
    Parameters: $PROJECT
  • Create Firemonkey HD iOS Application or Firemonkey 3D iOS Application.
  • Click Tools->Export to Xcode
On Mac:
  • Install Xcode
  • Install Firemonkey-iOS.dmg (file can be found on c:Program FilesEmbarcaderoRAD Studio9.0Firemonkey-iOS)
  • Copy the delphi project folder (or use it on a shared drive) and open on Xcode and build!
  • Created app file for iPhone/iPad¬†can be found on ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData

How To Build Mac OS X App File Using Delphi XE2

On Windows:

  • Create Firemonkey HD Application or Firemonkey 3D Application. (not VCL Forms Application)
  • Add OS X to Target Platforms on Preject manager.
  • Right click on OS X and use Assign Profile for your remote Mac computer. Enter IP and a password.

On remote Mac OS X:

  • Install PAServer. (File can be found on c:Program FilesEmbarcaderoRAD Studio9.0PAServer)
  • Copy libcgunwind.1.0.dylib file to PAServer directory. (File can be found on c:Program FilesEmbarcaderoRAD Studio9.0Redistosx32)
  • Open PAServer using terminal typing ./paserver
  • Enter the password.

On Windows:

  • Run your Delphi Project.
  • Congratulations! The project runs on Mac and an app file has already been created!

Excel Combine All Sheets VBA

Sub Combine()
Const sRANGE = "A1:Z100"
Dim iSheet, iTargetRow As Long, oCell As Object
Dim iTop, iLeft, iBottom, iRight As Long
iTargetRow = 1
For iSheet = 2 To ThisWorkbook.Sheets.Count: DoEvents
Cells(iTargetRow, 1).Select
iTargetRow = iTargetRow + Range(sRANGE).Rows.Count
End Sub